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The main advantage of laminated parquet is, of course, the price. Synthetic material is very cheap compared to natural wood species. Along with everything, laminate has other advantages inherent in parquet. It is very resistant to scratches, dents, impacts of heavy objects. Even if a company rolls into your room, you do not have to worry about the condition of the laminate.

Laminate is not only extremely durable; it is also environmentally friendly and harmless, resistant to chemicals and solvents. If someone spilled paint on the floor, it is easy to remove with acetone, without causing any harm to the laminate. Laminate does not need to be polished, it’s easy to take care of, it’s enough to hold it with a wet cloth once, and your floor will shine with cleanliness. The next factor, to which you should pay attention – it’s easy to install laminated parquet. Simple technology on the principle of “spike in the groove” allows you to achieve a smooth, almost seamless surface. There are well known singapore flooring company options for you now.

Disadvantages of laminated parquet

Of course, despite the large number of advantages, the laminate has its drawbacks. The most important disadvantage is the fragility of the laminated coating, as a rule, it is rare what coatings can last more than 10 years, the laminate that has served its time cannot be recycled and varnished again, the only solution is to change it to a new one. Another important drawback is that the laminate does not like water, especially its edges. Therefore, it is necessary to arrange protection against moisture. The edges should be treated with a waterproof coating.

Cleaning and keeping the house clean is not an easy task, so if you are one of those people that magically maintain cleanliness always, we have a few simple house cleaning tips that you will surely find useful. When you constantly disappear at work, sometimes you need a good fairy that could help with homework, especially if holidays are approaching, such as Christmas or Easter. Putting things in order, polishing brass and metal surfaces, cleaning the wood, removing dust from furniture and cleaning the walls, all this is not an easy task at all, but hard work.

Cleaning the house requires a lot of hard work and you have to mess up your hands, however, the following tips for cleaning the house will help to optimize the work and achieve the desired results without spending too much effort. A short search on the net will offer you a sea of tips and technologies for cleaning the house that will make your life much easier. Here are the basic tips that you should follow.

House cleaning

Advice of first importance Checklist of cases First of all, you must set clear goals before you. Sit down and think – how much time can you devote to cleaning? Having an idea of ​​the available time, you can structure the work around the house, which means that the cleaning will be done in a certain order, which is very important, since chaotic cleaning can result in frustration and missing rooms of the house. For that you need to have well known part time maid. You can turn to traditional cleaning plans for help, to have some idea of ​​how to get out of the house.

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