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Although they are harmless, but they still do not want to have them in the house: mice. The house mouse is one of the most important food pests and occurs as a free-living pest in all areas of life and work. Again and again, the smallest of all rodents invade buildings, cause high economic damage and also endanger human health. Therefore, the mouse is one of the key pests that need to be eliminated with pest control. Other species of mice, such as the field mouse, forest mouse or vole, rarely get lost in houses inhabited by humans.

The house mouse

The up to 10 cm long house mouse is relatively small, but has big ears and eyes and often looks rather cute. Their habitats are located in buildings of all kinds, especially near animal stables and human living spaces. The light gray to light brown colored rodent has a very good sense of touch, hearing and smell, but his vision is severely limited.

As good climbers, domestic mice can attack a building in all areas. The mice then build their habitats in inaccessible hiding places found in hollow walls, cable ducts, heating ducts or machines. The house mouse, considered to be extremely adaptable, settles in warm and dry areas and spends her entire life where she once settled down. Although house mice are only 3 to 19 months old, the rodents are very proliferating and reproduce throughout the year, so that a pair of mice within about 12 months can attest about 2,000 offspring. Unlike the brown rat, the omnivores are open to new foods and, in addition to grains, prefer high quality food. Only in bad times, the house mouse feeds on waste. On water, rodents are not dependent on their liquid needs to cover domestic mice with food.

Combating mice

If mice have entered the house and have become infested, the control of the house mouse should always be done by a mice exterminator with the aim of complete pest elimination and at least twice. Since house mice always live together in a family and several females together provide for the offspring, the mice can still multiply quickly even after a supposedly successful fight.

There are many types of mice control, such as electronic defense systems, which are also effective against other pest species. Also, the setting up of mousetraps can help, here are recommended animal-friendly life traps. However, if baits and mouse traps are set up too often, the rodents develop resistance to the control agents. Therefore, expert pest control by a qualified exterminator can help stop mouse infestation in the long term. Compare non-binding offers from pest controllers in your region! Eliminate your mouse plague once and for all!

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