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Although mixing different styles of design on one site is considered dodging, it can be successfully applied if different zones are isolated from each other in space at least by a green hedge or high trellis and do not fall into the field of view simultaneously. Thus, in one area there can be a “children’s corner”, “farmer” style, classical, etc. Below are some gamuda garden design tips which can help ou out in decorating your garden.

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Dacha structure can give decoration even such simple thing as the correct combination of the color of the face brick and the solution that connects it. So, red brick is best combined with a black or white solution, yellow – with red or black, brown – with white or red, and gray – only with white.

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Material for tracks should be chosen taking into account not only taste and material possibilities, but also features of various functional zones of the site.

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The most expensive and decorative materials for the design of tracks, as well as other decorative elements should be concentrated closer to the “front” entrance.

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Tracks leading to utility rooms or a garage should be made primarily of hard and hard material, even if it is not decorative enough.

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In a fruit garden or between beds, paths must be made of the softest materials, least traumatizing the soil and the roots hidden under it. It is appropriate to use colored gravel, pebbles and other “mulch” coatings.

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It is one of the main rules of “good taste” in the design of the site – the observance of a single style, if not on the whole site, then at least within a single functional area. As Good As Grass

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Best cover in front of the entrance of a large mansion with a granite falcon is a natural stone.

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Tracks near houses of solid logs or their modernized version of the ” classical style” stylistically do not tolerate asphalt. Tracks and platforms around them are best made from gravel or granite waste (the style of ancient gardens), and wooden decks can also be used.

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Modern “brick-cottage style” allows the use of simple asphalt tracks, but more elegantly in areas with such structures looks like a covering of brick or concrete “pavers.”

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The paths made of wood logs are very decorative. When making them, it is necessary to take saws with a thickness of 10-15 cm, a diameter of 20 cm and cover the lower part, which will be buried in the ground, with bitumen.

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If the requirements of the style have come into conflict with the requirements for the functional features of the tracks (for example, you need a rigid concrete path, and the building of the economic building is not stylistically combined with it), you can compromise by decorating the tracks with more suitable material (make posts, ) or “mounted” in the concrete mosaic.

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